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Our Guestbooks: a collection of Discovery Glassbottom Yacht testimonials

Read what our guests say about us!

The testimonials that we have gathered during all these years of cruising together with the Discovery Glassbottom Yacht reflect how passionately we have been serving you.

As you can see, we treasure every single word that has been written by our clients. Therefore, this virtual version of all the Guestbook entries we have collected over the years is not just another way to say “Thank you” and “You are welcome” to all of you, but also an on-going compilation of the feedback we have been receiving from you while practicing our dream job; a multilanguage retrospective that inspires us to get better at what we do and what we aspire to offer you every single day.

For each “It was an awesome experience” and “We had an amazing time” we read from you, we want to work even harder to bring you more unforgettable moments.
For each “Fantastic people!” and “Amazing crew!” we read from you, we become even stronger as a team.
For each “Amazing hospitality!” we read from you, we feel happy that we gave you a hint of what our Greek ancestors have always been known and praised for.
For every “I loved the yacht!” and “Great boat!” we read from you, we feel proud that our craftsmanship and attention to detail are acknowledged and appreciated.
For every “Couldn’t have had more fun!” and “Thank you for the best day of our holidays!” we get inspired to design and bring you even more one-of-a-kind experiences.
And for every “We can’t wait for the next time” and “see you again next year” we get motivated to surprise you with something different and unique when we meet again!

Dedicated to both us and our lovely guests, this is the place we visit every time we want to look back on the lovely summer memories that we have created together on board.