Jet Ski 110 HP

Jet Ski at Agrari Beach Mykonos

As any other water sport, Jet Ski is our specialty in Mykonos island.

Except for fun and exciting, jet ski is also a great way to exercise during your vacations. Since it is a high-speed water activity that requires strength, energy, coordination and balance, you will be surprised by the fitness benefits it has to offer.

First of all, it is one of the fastest water sports; so, except for the stress-relief and the adrenaline rush it will give you, jet-skiing will also improve your cardiovascular endurance, as you will actually have a cardio workout while on board. Secondly, it will make you much better at maintaining your equilibrium, as you will have to concentrate your mind and coordinate your body in order to stay on the jet ski. Thirdly, it will strengthen you arm, leg and core muscles; thus, as you can easily assume, by jet-skiing you will also burn several calories. Therefore, practice is not only going to make you a better jet-skier, but also helps you keep in shape while having fun during your holidays!

Apart from all that, keep in mind that jet skiing is also one of the easiest water sports to start with. The secret is to begin with a training session with the experienced instructors of Water Action School, who will not only teach you how to operate this craft smoothly, but also help you obtain all the skills required to ride safely and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Agrari; the perfect beach for any water sport enthusiast in Mykonos. Once you get a really good grasp of things, you will be ready to take off and test your limits!

Water Action School is part of our company; therefore, every guest of the Discovery Glassbottom Yacht is invited to enjoy practicing their favorite water sport with a special 30% discount. Meanwhile, if you are only interested in booking a water sport session, you can take advantage of the special Watersport Packages that we offer.

Duration: 10 min.

70.00/ per person