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The Yacht

Ready for the Mykonos Coast to Coast Cruise?


Glassbottom Discovery is a unique yacht of
67 ft. / 20.42 m. length

Designed and built according to the peculiarities of Mykonos island and the Cyclades.

Her stunning feature is the 10 square meters of glass at the bottom of her salon, which offers an inside view of the magic that lies beneath the sea surface.

The construction itself it is a mechanical achievement, while every detail has been scrutinized and perfected.

The lower and upper deck provides a 360⁰ view of the surrounding scenery.

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  • Luxury & Comfort
  • Finest Facilities
  • Highest Safety Standards


The yacht has leather seats in all parts, at the inside and the outside spaces, to make your journey a comfortable and a luxurious one.

At her salon, which ensures the ease and comfort of the guests, her bar is located, where drinks and beverages are served. The interior of the yacht is air-conditioned thoroughly so as to assure a pleasant journey while cruising.

Glassbottom Discovery is equipped with high-tech sound and audiovisual installations and the music accompanies your cruise from the beginning to the end.

Last but by no means least; the yacht is built to the highest standards of safety and security.


  • Length overall: 67ft. / 20.42 m.
  • Deck / Sun-deck / Open main deck
  • 10 square meters of glass bottom surface
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Luxury salon for your utmost comfort
  • Full interior A/C
  • Cocktail Bar
  • High-tech Audiovisual Installations
  • Google Mapping: Real time display
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Transom Shower
  • Women’s Bathroom
  • Men’s Bathroom
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