Sofa at Agrari Beach Mykonos

Sofa, like any other water sport, is our specialty in Mykonos island.

Since it is one of the safest water sports you could ever try during your summer vacations, the sofa is suitable for the whole family. A ride on sofa will give you so much fun; many water sports lovers have called it “crazy” and, once you try it, you will instantly understand the reasons: it is bumpy, it can lift, it tends to move your left and right; and don’t forget that all of the above is happening, while you are jumping on the waves with absolute safety, and of course while you are wearing a safe and comfortable life jacket. As you can easily imagine, this ride will become one of the highlights of your summer vacations in Mykonos!

Last but not least, keep in mind that at Water Action School we have our gear maintained on a regular basis, to ensure a seamless and carefree experience for you. So, whether you are a water sports enthusiast looking for a great beach to get entertained with your family or friends or if you just want to enjoy a whole day at the beach, while trying something new, easy and totally fun, the Agrari Beach Water Action School and the variety of options it has to offer is definitely the perfect choice for you. All you need to bring along is your swimwear, your loved ones and plenty of enthusiasm!

Water Action School is part of our company; therefore, all guests of the Discovery Glassbottom Yacht are invited to enjoy practicing their favorite water sport with a special 30% discount. Meanwhile, if you are only interested in booking a water sport session, you can take advantage of the special Watersport Packages that we offer.

Duration: 10 min.

25.00/ per person