Fliteboard at Agrari Beach Mykonos

Fliteboard and water sports, in general, are our specialty in Mykonos island.

This fast yet quiet electric surfboard is becoming more and more popular among water sports enthusiasts since it gives you the sensation of flying over water. It carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere and anytime, without requiring any wind or waves. Another interesting thing about the Fliteboard is that it is probably the most environmentally friendly watercraft, as it is emission-free, and its battery can be charged by using renewable energy.

Like most water sports, Fliteboarding is an exciting activity, as once you’ll be on board you will be raised up and be able to ride remarkably fast. Thus, while it is not necessary to be an experienced surfer to learn how to ride it, it could be a very useful asset to have already developed some balance on board. Nevertheless, there are many examples of people with not that much experience, who eventually needed fewer sessions than some who were already familiar with other similar water sports.

As you can easily assume, the key is, to begin with, some training sessions with the knowledgeable instructors of Wateraction School, who will not only teach you how to enjoy this high-thrill toy to the fullest but also help you obtain all the skills that are required to ride it with efficiency, confidence, and absolute safety. Keep in mind that the crystal-clear waters of Agrari beach are perfect for practicing any water sport in Mykonos – and imagine how amazing it would be to ride them with a water toy that was created to give you the illusion of flying!

Water Action School is part of our company; therefore, all guests of the Discovery Glassbottom Yacht are invited to enjoy practicing their favorite water sport with a special 30% discount. Meanwhile, if you are only interested in booking a water sport session, you can take advantage of the special Watersport Packages that we offer.

Duration: 10 min.

70.00/ per person